William J. Baumol

William J. Baumol

Born: 1922.

American economist.

Developed contestable markets theory.

Major Books of William J. Baumol

- Business Behavior, Value and Growth, 1959
- Contestable Markets and the Theory of Industry Structure, with J.C. Panzar and R.D. Wilig, 1982
- The Dynamics of Urban Problems and its Policy Implications, 1972, in Preston and Corry, editors, Essays in Honor of Lord Robbins
- Economic Dynamics, with R. Turvey, 1951
- Economic Processes and Policies, with L.V. Chandler, 1954
- Economic Theory and Operations Analysis, 1961
- Economics, Environmental Policy and Quality of Life, with W.E.Oates and S.A. Batey Blackman 1979
- Entrepreneurship, Management and the Structure of Profit, 1993
- Environmental Protection, in International Spillovers and Trade, 1971
- Microetheory: Applications and Origins, 1986
- On the Discount Rate for Public Projects, Public Expenditure and Policy Analysis, 1969
- Perfect Markets and Easy Virtue: Business ethics and the invisible hand, with S.A. Batey Blackman, 1992
- Performing Arts: the economic dilemma, 1966
- Productivity and American Leadership: The long view, with S.A. Batey Blackman and E.N. Wolff, 1989
- The Ricardo Effect in Point-Input, Point-Output Case, in Shubik, editor, Essays in Mathematical Economics in Honor of Oskar Morgenstern, 1966
- The Stock Market and Economic Efficiency, 1965
- Superfairness: Application and theory, with D. Fischer, 1986
- The Theory of Environmental Policy, with W.E.Oates, 1975
- Welfare Economics and the Theory of the State, 1952

Major Articles of William J. Baumol

- 1946, Community Indifference, RES
- 1949, A Community Indifference Map: A Construction, RES
- 1949, A Formalization of Mr. Harrod's Model, EJ
- 1950, The Analogy between Producer and Consumer Equilibrium Analysis, with Helen Makower, Economica
- 1953, Firms with Limited Money Capital, Kyklos
- 1952, The Transaction Demand for Cash: An Inventory-Theoretic Approach, QJE
- 1952, The Classical Monetary Theory: The Outcome of the Discussion, with G.S. Becker, Economica
- 1955, More on the Multiplier Effect of a Balanced Budget, with M.H. Preston, AER
- 1956, Acceleration without Magnification, AER
- 1956, Variety in Retailing, with E.A. Ide, ManSci
- 1957, Speculation, Profitability and Stability, REStat
- 1958, Activity Analysis in One Lesson, AER
- 1958, On the Theory of Oligopoly, Economica
- 1958, Topology of Second Order Linear Difference Equations with Constant Coefficients, Econometrica
- 1958, The Cardinal Utility which is Ordinal, EJ
- 1960, Integer Programming and Pricing, with R.E. Gomory, Econometrica
- 1961, What Can Economic Theory Contribute to Managerial Economics?, AER
- 1961, Pitfalls in Contracyclical Policies: Some Tools and Results, REStat
- 1962, The Theory of Expansion of the Firm, AER
- 1962, Stocks, Flows and Monetary Theory, QJE
- 1963, An Expected Gain-Confidence Limit Criterion for Portfolio Selection, ManSci
- 1964, Rules of Thumb and Optimally Imperfect Decisions, AER
- 1964, Decomposition, Pricing for Decentralization and External Economies, with T.Fabian, ManSci
- 1965, On the Performing Arts: The Anatomy of Their Economic Problems, with W.G. Bowen, AER
- 1965, Investment and Discount Rates Under Capital Rationing, with R.E.Quandt, EJ
- 1965, Informed Judgement, Rigorous Theory and Public Policy, Southern EJ
- 1967, Macroeconomics of Unbalanced Growth: The Anatomy of Urban Crisis, AER
- 1967, Calculation of Optimal Product and Retailer Characteristics, JPE
- 1967, The Firm's Optimal Debt-Equity Combination and the Cost of Capital, with B.G. Malkiel, QJE
- 1967, Error Produced by Linearization in Mathematical Programming, with R. Bushnell, Econometrica
- 1968, The Dual of Nonlinear Programming and its Economic Interpretation, with M.L.Balinski, RES
- 1968, Entrepreneurship in Economic Theory, AER
- 1968, On the Social Rate of Discount, AER
- 1970, Input Choices and Rate-of-Return Regulation: An Overview of the Discussion, with A.K.Klevorick, RJE
- 1970, Optimal Departures from Marginal Cost Pricing, with D.F. Bradford, AER
- 1971, The Economics of Athenian Drama, QJE
- 1972, On the Economics of the Theatre in Renaissance London, with Mary Oates, The Swedish JE
- 1972, Taxation and the Control of Externalities, AER
- 1972, Detrimental Externalities and Non-Convexity of the Production Set, with D.F. Bradford, Economica
- 1974, The Transformation of Values: What Marx `Really' Meant, JEL
- 1989, The Optimal Cash Balance Proposition: Maurice Allais' Priority, with J. Tobin, JEL


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