Robert A. Mundell

Robert A. Mundell

Born: 1932.


Robert Mundell is a Canadian economist who graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

He attended MIT and was top performer in his years there.

He went on to win the 1999 Nobel prize in Economics.

He is affiliated with Columbia University's Economics department.

Major Books of Robert A. Mundell

- A Plan for a European Currency, in Johnson and Swoboda, editors, Economics of Common Currencies, 1973
- The Case for a Managed International Gold Standard, in Connolly, editor, The International Monetary System, 1983
- The Case for an Asian Currency?, 2005
- The Crisis Problem, in Mundell and Soboda, editors, International Monetary Problems, 1967
- The Euro as a Stabilizer in the International Economic System, with Armand Clesse, editors, 2000
- Fiscal Policy in the Theory of International Trade, in Giersch, editor, Money, Trade and Competition, 1992
- Hicksian Stability, Currency Markets and the Theory of Economic Policy, in Wolfe, editor, Value, Capital and Growth, 1968
- The International Distribution of Money in a Growing World Economy, in Bhagwati et al., editors, Trade, Balance of Payments and Growth, 1971
- International Economics, 1968
- The International Monetary System: Conflict and Reform, 1965
- Keynes's General Theory After Seventy Years, with Robert Dimand and Alessandro Vercelli, editors, 2009
- Latin American Debt and the Transfer Problem, in Brock et al, editors, Latin American Debt and Adjustment, 1989
- Man and Economics, 1968
- Monetary Stability and Economic Growth: A Dialog Between Leading Economists, with Paul Zak, 2003
- Monetary Theory: Interest, Inflation and Growth in the World Economy, 1971
- The Optimum Balance of Payments Deficit and the Theory of Empires, in Salin and Classen, editors, Stabilization Policies in Interdependent Economies, 1971
- The Origins and Evolution of Monetarism, in Jansen, editor, Monetarism, Economic Crisis and the Third World, 1982
- The Quantity Theory of Money in an Open Economy: Variations on the Hume-Polak Model, in International Financial Policy, 1992
- Uncommon Arguments for Common Currencies, in Johnson and Swoboda, editors, Economics of Common Currencies, 1973

Major Articles of Robert A. Mundell

- 1957, International Trade and Factor Mobility, AER
- 1957, Transport Costs in International Trade Theory, CJE
- 1960, The Monetary Dynamics of International Adjustment Under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates, QJE
- 1960, The Public Debt, Corporate Income Taxes and the Rate of Interest, JPE
- 1960, The Pure Theory of International Trade, AER
- 1961, A Theory of Optimum Currency Areas, AER
- 1961, Flexible Exchange Rates and Employment Policy, CJE
- 1961, The International Disequilibrium System, Kyklos
- 1962, The Appropriate Use of Monetary and Fiscal Policy for Internal and External Stability, IMF Staff Papers
- 1963, Capital Mobility and Stabilisation Policy under Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates, CJE
- 1963, Inflation and Real Interest, JPE
- 1964, An Exposition of Some Subtleties in the Keynesian System, WWA
- 1964, Tariff Preferences and the Terms of Trade, Manchester School
- 1965, Growth, Stability and Inflationary Finance, JPE
- 1965, A Fallacy in the Interpretation of Macroeconomic Equilibrium, JPE
- 1965, The Homogeneity Postulate and the Laws of Comparative Statics in the Walrasian and Metzleric Systems, Econometrica
- 1968, International Monetary Economics: The Balance of Payments, IESS
- 1989, The Dollar and the Policy Mix: 1989, Rivista di Politica Economica
- 1989, The Global Adjustment System, Rivista di Politica Economica
- 1990, The International Distribution of Saving: Past, Present and Future, Rivista di Politica Economica
- 1990, Debts and Deficits in Alternative Models, Rivista di Politica Economica
- 1993, Rejection of the Common Funnel Theorem, Rivista di Politica Economica
- 1995, Unemployment, Competitiveness and the Welfare State, Rivista di Politica Economica
- 1995, The International Monetary System: The Missing Factor, Journal of Policy Modeling
- 1997, The International Adjustment Mechanism of the Balance of Payments, Zagreb Journal of Economics
- 1998, The Uses and Abuses of Gresham's Law in the History of Money, Zagreb Journal of Economics
- 2002, Monetary Unions and the Problem of Sovereignty, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science


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