Robert Alan Dahl

Robert Alan Dahl

Born: 1915.

Professor Robert Alan Dahl is the Sterling Professor Emeritus of Political Science and the Senior Research Scientist in Sociology in Yale University.

Major Books of Robert Alan Dahl

- A Preface to Democratic Theory, 1956
- A Preface to Economic Democracy, 1985
- After The Gold Rush, 2005
- After the Revolution?, 1970
- Congress and Foreign Policy
- Controlling Nuclear Weapons: Democracy Versus Guardianship, 1985
- Democracy and Its Critics, 1989
- The Democracy Sourcebook, edited by Robert A. Dahl, Ian Shapiro and José Antonio Cheibub, 2003
- Dilemmas of Pluralist Democracy: Autonomy vs. Control, 1983
- How Democratic is the American Constitution?, 2002
- Modern Political Analysis, 1963
- On Democracy, 1998
- On Political Equality, 2006
- Political Oppositions in Western Democracies, 1966
- Politics, Economics and Welfare, with C.E. Lindblom, 1953
- Polyarchy: Participation and Opposition, 1971
- Pluralist Democracy in the United States: Conflict and Consent, 1968
- Size and Democracy, with E.R. Tufte, 1973
- Social Science Research on Business: Product and Potential, 1960
- Toward Democracy: A Journey; On Democracy, 1997
- Who Governs? Democracy and Power in an American City, 1961

Major Articles of Robert Alan Dahl

- 1947, The Science of Public Administration: Three Problems, Public Administration Review
- 1948, Marxism and Free Parties, The Journal of Politics
- 1953, Atomic Energy and the Democratic Process, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
- 1957, Decision-Making in a Democracy: The Supreme Court as a National Policy-Maker, Emory Law Journal
- 1958, A Critique of the Ruling Elite Model, The American Political Science Review
- 1961, Who Participates in Local Politics and Why, Science
- 1967, The City in the Future of Democracy, The American Political Science Review
- 1977, On Removing Certain Impediments to Democracy in the United States, Political Science Quarterly
- 1978, Pluralism Revisited, Comparative Politics
- 1990, Myth of the Presidential Mandate, Political Science Quarterly
- 1996, Equality versus Inequality, PS: Political Science and Politics
- 2000, A Democratic Paradox?, Political Science Quarterly
- 2005, James Madison: Republican or Democrat?, Perspectives on Politics


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