Ralph Barton Perry

Born: 1876. Died: 1957.


American realist philosopher, born in Poultney, Vermont.

He got hos BA from Princeton (1896) and Ph.D. from Harvard (1899).

He taught at Harvard from 1902, becoming professor of philosophy in 1913 and professor emeritus in 1946.

He revised (1925) Alfred Weber's History of Philosophy.

Editor of the works of William James, he won the 1936 Pulitzer Prize in biography for 'The Thought and Character of William James' (1935).

Major Books of Ralph Barton Perry

- A Modernist View of National Ideals, 1926
- Annotated Bibliography of the Writings of William James, 1920
- The Approach to Philosophy, 1905
- Characteristically American: Five Lectures Delivered on the William W. Cook Foundation at the University of Michigan, November-December 1948, 1949
- The Free Man and the Soldier, 1916
- General Theory of Value, 1926
- The Hope for Immortality, 1935
- The Humanity of Man, 1956
- The Moral Economy, 1909
- The New Realism: Cooperative Studies in Philosophy, 1912
- The Plattsburg Movement: A Chapter of America's Participation in the World War, 1921
- Plea for an Age Movement, 1942
- The Present Conflict of Ideals: A Study of the Philosophical Background of the World War, 1918
- Present Philosophical Tendencies: A Critical Survey of Naturalism, Idealism, Pragmatism, and Realism, together with a Synopsis of the Philosophy of William James, 1912
- Puritanism and Democracy, 1944
- Realms of Value, 1954
- The Thought and Character of William James, 1936

Major Articles of Ralph Barton Perry

- 1902, The Practical Consciousness of Freedom, International Journal of Ethics
- 1902, Poetry and Philosophy, The Philosophical Review
- 1903, The Practical Man and the Philosopher, International Journal of Ethics
- 1904, Truth and Imagination in Religion, International Journal of Ethics
- 1907, The Conception of Moral Goodness, The Philosophical Review
- 1911, The Question of Moral Obligation, International Journal of Ethics
- 1913, Realism and Pragmatism, Mind
- 1916, Economic Value and Moral Value, The Quarterly Journal of Economics
- 1922, Is There a Social Mind? 1 and 2, The American Journal of Sociology
- 1931, Value as Election and Satisfaction, International Journal of Ethics
- 1932, Real and Apparent Value, Philosophy
- 1942, Have "Right" and "Wrong" One Meaning for All Mankind?, Philosophy
- 1949, Is There a North American Philosophy?, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research


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