Disciplines: History, Theology

Also spelled as: Qur'an, Kuran, and Koran

The holy scripture of Islam.

Muslims believe that the Quran is the word of God, and that God revealed it to Prophet Muhammad (571-634) through the angel Gabriel in 23 years.

God, or Allah, speaks in the first person in the Quran.

The Quran is the primary - and according to some scholars, the only - authoritative source of Islam.

The Quran identifies Islam as an Abrahamic religion, and establishes it as a continuation of Judaism and Christianity. Quran explains this with the reason that humans have altered the texts of these earlier holy scriptures. Quran also argues to be the final divine revelation before the end of the world, and that, unlike the earlier scriptures, its message addresses not a certain group of people, as Jews, but all humans.

The original text of the Quran in Arabic has survived, but the interpretation of some verses, or ayats, vary.

The Quran has 114 chapters, or surahs. The ordering of the chapters are not on a chronological basis but by length - that is, from the longest to the shortest. Still, a version with a chronological rearrangement of the verses is also available.

The literal meaning of the word Quran is reading, or recitation.


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