Paul A. Baran

Paul A. Baran

Born: 1910. Died: 1964.


Paul Alexander Baran was born in 1910 in Russia.

He had his academic career in the United States.

He was an economist with Marxist views.

He died in 1964.

Major Books of Paul A. Barann

- The Longer View: Essays toward a critique of political economy, 1970
- Marxism and Psychoanalysis, 1960
- Monopoly Capital: An essay on the American economic and social order, with Paul Sweezy, 1966
- The Political Economy of Growth, 1957
- The Political Economy of Neo-Colonialism, 1975

Major Articles of Paul A. Baran

- 1952, The Political Economy of Underdevelopment, Manchester School
- 1961, The Commitment of the Intellectual, Monthly Review
- 1961, Reflections on the Cuban Revolution, Monthly Review


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