Nelson Goodman

Nelson Goodman

Born: 1906. Died: 1998.


American philosopher, born in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Received his Ph.D. degree from Harvard in 1941.

He taught at Tufts (1945-46), the University of Pennsylvania (1946–64), and Brandeis University (1964–67) before becoming professor of philosophy at Harvard (1967).

A proponent of nominalism, he has worked with theories of inductive logic and helped to identify strategic problems in many areas of philosophy.

He has argued that philosophy should work to give precise structural descriptions of the world.

His work on representationalism has involved analysis of visual arts, musical notation, and maps.

He died in december 1998, at the age of 92, after a long illness.

Major Books of Nelson Goodman

- Fact, Fiction and Forecast
- Languages of Art, 1968
- Of Mind and Other Matters, 1984
- Problems and Projects, 1971
- Reconceptions in Philosophy, with Catherine Elgin, 1988
- The Structure of Appearance, 1951
- Ways of Worldmaking, 1978

Major Articles of Nelson Goodman

- 1940, The Calculus of Individuals and Its Uses, with Henry S. Leonard, Journal of Symbolic Logic
- 1941, A Study of Qualities, Diss. Harvard U.
- 1947, Steps Toward a Constructive Nominalism, with W.V.O. Quine, Journal of Symbolic Logic
- 1972, Basic Abilities Required for Understanding and Creation in the Arts: Final Report, with David Perkins, Howard Gardner, Graduate School of Education: Project No. 9-0283, 1972


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