Discipline: Art

(1950- )

An artistic trend, mainly in the USA, repudiating action painting and abstract expressionism.

Minimalists use the minimum of means; favor neutral, blank canvases or mechanically produced unexpressive forms; and are opposed to all forms of illusionism.

A variety of individuals and styles can be termed Minimalist, from certain works by ANDY WARHOL (1928-1987) and CLAES OLDENBURG (1929- ) to the Luminist and kinetic art of JULIO Le PARC (1938- ) and the Zero group; from the undifferentiated canvases of YVES KLEIN (1928-1962) to the sculptures of CARL ANDRE (1935- ), ROBERT MORRIS (1931- ), TONY SMITH and DONALD JUDD.

G Battcock, Minimal Art. A Critical Anthology (London, 1968)


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