John Fraser Muth

John Fraser Muth

Born: 1930. Died: 2005.

American economist.

He formulated the rational expectations theory.

Major Books of John Fraser Muth

- Industrial Scheduling, with Gerald Luther Thompson and Peter R. Winters, 1963
- Operations Management: Analysis for decisions with G.K. Groff, 1972
- Planning Production, Inventories and Work Force, with C.C. Holt et al, 1960

Major Articles of John Fraser Muth

- 1954, A Note on Balanced Growth, Econometrica
- 1956, Derivation of a Linear Decision Rule for Production and Employment , ManSci
- 1960, Optimal Properties of Exponentially Weighted Forecasts, JASA
- 1961, Rational Expectations and the Theory of Price Movements, Econometrica
- 1986, Search Theory and the Manufacturing Progress Function, ManSci
- 1995, The Solution of Travelling Salesman Problems Based on Industrial Data, JORS


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