John Maurice Clark

John Maurice Clark

Born: 1884. Died: 1963.


American economist whose work on trusts brought him world renown and whose ideas anticipated those of John Maynard Keynes.

Clark graduated from Amherst College in 1905 and received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1910.

Major Books of John Maurice Clark

- An Alternative to Serfdom, 1948
- Competition as a Dynamic Process, 1961
- The Costs of the World War to the American People, 1931
- Demobilization of Wartime Economic Controls, 1944
- Economic Institutions and Human Welfare, 1957
- The Economics of Overhead Costs, 1923
- The Economics of Planning Public Works, 1935
- The Ethical Basis of Economic Freedom, 1955
- Preface to Social Economics, 1936
- Social Control of Business, 1926
- Standards and Reasonableness in Local Freight Discriminations, 1910
- Strategic Factors in Business Cycles, 1934

Major Articles of John Maurice Clark

- 1911, Rates for Public Utilities, AER
- 1913, Frontiers of Regulation and What Lies Beyond, AER
- 1913, Review of Pigou's Wealth and Welfare, AER
- 1913, Possible Complications of the Compensated Dollar, AER
- 1914, A Contribution to the Theory of Competitive Price, QJE
- 1914, Davenport's Economics, PSQ
- 1914, Some Economic Aspects of the New Long and Short Haul Clause, QJE
- 1914, Some Neglected Phases of Rate Regulation, AER
- 1915, The Concept of Value, QJE
- 1916, The Changing Basis of Economic Responsibility, JPE
- 1917, Business Acceleration and the Law of Demand, JPE
- 1917, The Basis of War-Time Collectivism, AERs
- 1919, Economic Theory in an Era of Social Readjustment, AER
- 1921, Soundings in Non-Euclidian Economics, AER
- 1923, Overhead Costs in Modern Industry, Parts I and II, JPE
- 1925, What is Competition?, JB
- 1925, Adam Smith and the Currents of History, JB
- 1927, Control of Trade Practices by Competitive and Other Forces, Proceedings of the American Political Science
- 1928, Inductive Evidence on Marginal Productivity, AER
- 1931, Capital Production and Consumer Taking - A reply, JPE
- 1939, Monopolistic Tendencies, Their Character and Consequences, Proceedings of the American Political Science
- 1940, Toward a Concept of Workable Competitition, AER
- 1942, Our Economic Freedom, Annals of AAPSS
- 1944, How Not to Reconvert, PSQ
- 1950, Varieties of Economic Law, and Their Limiting Factors, Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society


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