Immanuel Wallerstein

Immanuel Wallerstein

Born: 1930.


Born in 1930, Immanuel Wallerstein has since 1976 been Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Binghamton.

He is the founder and director of the Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations in Binghamton. Has published countless books and articles.

Wallerstein's so called 'World-Systems Theory' is a politico-economic and comparative macro-theory of social development, in particular capitalism.

Major Books of Immanuel Wallerstein

- Africa, The Politics of Independence and Unity, 2005
- Africa: Tradition & Change, with Evelyn Jones Rich, 1972
- Africa and the Modern World, 1986
- After Liberalism, 1995
- The Age of Transition: Trajectory of the World System, 1945-2025, with Terence K. Hopkins, 1996
- Alternatives: The U.S. Confronts the World, 2004
- Antisystemic Movements, with Giovanni Arrighi and Terence K. Hopkins, 1989
- The Capitalist World-Economy, 1979
- Decline of American Power: The U.S. in a Chaotic World, 2003
- Dynamics of Global Crisis, with Samir Amin, Giovanni Arrighi and Andre Gunder Frank, 1982
- The End of the World As We Know It: Social Science for the Twenty-first Century, 1999
- The Essential Wallerstein, 2000
- European Universalism: The Rhetoric of Power, 2006
- Geopolitics and Geoculture: Essays on the Changing World-System, 1991
- Historical Capitalism, 1983
- Historical Capitalism, with Capitalist Civilization, 1995
- The Modern World-System, vol. I: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World-Economy in the Sixteenth Century, 1974
- The Modern World-System, vol. II: Mercantilism and the Consolidation of the European World-Economy, 1600-1750, 1980
- The Modern World-System, vol. III: The Second Great Expansion of the Capitalist World-Economy, 1730-1840', 1989
- Overcoming the Two Cultures: Science versus the Humanities in the Modern World-System, with Richard E. Lee, 2004
- The Politics of the World-Economy: The States, the Movements and the Civilizations, 1984
- Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities, with Étienne Balibar, 1991
- The Road to Independence: Ghana and the Ivory Coast, 1964
- Transforming the Revolution: Social Movements and the World-System, with Samir Amin, Giovanni Arrighi and Andre Gunder Frank, 1990
- The Uncertainties of Knowledge, 2004
- University in Turmoil: The Politics of Change, 1969
- Unthinking Social Science: The Limits of Nineteenth Century Paradigms, 1991
- Utopistics: Or, Historical Choices of the Twenty-first Century, 1998
- World-Systems Analysis: An Introduction, 2004
- World-Systems Analysis: Theory and Methodology, with Terence K. Hopkins et al., 1982

Major Articles of Immanuel Wallerstein

- 1949, Elites in French-Speaking West Africa: The Social Basis of Ideas, J. Mod. African Stud.
- 1967, What Is Revolutionary Action in Africa Today?, Africa Today
- 1969, Africa, America, and the Africanists, Africa Today
- 1970, Social Rank and Nationalism: Some African Data, POQ
- 1971, Looking Back at African Independence Ten Years Later, Africa Today
- 1971, Left and Right in Africa, J. Mod. African Stud.
- 1971, Academic Freedom and Collective Expressions of Opinion, JHE
- 1973, Class and Class-Conflict in Contemporary Africa, Can. J. African Stud.
- 1973, Africa in a Capitalist World, Issue
- 1974, Dependence in an Interdependent World, ASR
- 1974, The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System, CSSH
- 1976, A World-System Perspective on the Social Sciences, BJoS
- 1976, From Feudalism to Capitalism: Transition or Transitions?, SF
- 1976, Semi-Peripheral Countries and the Contemporary World Crisis, Theory and Society
- 1978, Civilizations and Modes of Production: Conflicts and Convergences, Theory and Society
- 1978, Precapitalist Social Structures, ARSoc
- 1980, Africa in a Capitalist World, Issue
- 1980, Friends as Foes, FP
- 1981, Factors Affecting the 'Logic of Socialism', SP
- 1983, Nationalism and the World Transition to Socialism: Is There a Crisis?, TWQ
- 1983, The Evolving Role of the Africa Scholar in African Studies, Can. J. African Stud.
- 1984, The Development of the Concept of Development, Sociological Theory
- 1986, Marxisms as Utopias: Evolving Ideologies, AJS
- 1987, The Construction of Peoplehood: Racism, Nationalism, Ethnicity, SocF
- 1988, A Comment on Epistemology: What is Africa?, Can. J. African Stud.
- 1991, A Theory of Economic History in Place of Economic Theory?, Revue économique
- 1992, America and the World: Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow, Theory and Society
- 1993, The World-System after the Cold War, JPR
- 1995, Africa in the Shuffle, Issue
- 1995, The End of What Modernity?, Theory and Society
- 1997, Social Science and the Quest for a Just Society, AJS
- 1998, Contemporary Capitalist Dilemmas, the Social Sciences, and the Geopolitics of the Twenty-First Century, CJSoc
- 1998, Is Sociology a World Discipline?, CSoc
- 2000, Where Should Sociologists be Heading?, CSoc
- 2002, The Eagle Has Crash Landed , FP
- 2003, Citizens All? Citizens Some! The Making of the Citizen, CSSH
- 2005, After Developmentalism and Globalization, What?, SF
- 2005, Render Unto Caesar?: The Dilemmas of a Multicultural World, SoR


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