Hollis B. Chenery

Hollis B. Chenery

Born: 1918. Died: 1994.

Student of Wassily Leontief.

Received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1950.

Major Books of Hollis B. Chenery

- Handbook of Development Economics, with Jere R. Behrman and T. N. Srinivasan, Vol. 2:1989, Vol 3:1995
- Interindustry Economics, with P. Clark, 1959
- Patterns of Development, 1950-1970, with R. Syrquin, 1975
- Redistibution with Growth, with others, 1974
- Studies in Development Planning, with Samuel Bowles, Walter P. Falcon, and Carl Gotsch, 1971
- Structural Change and Development Policy, 1979

Major Articles of Hollis B. Chenery

- 1949, Engineering Production Functions, QJE
- 1952, Overcapacity and the Acceleration Principle, Econometrica
- 1953, The Application of Investment Criteria, QJE
- 1955, The Role of Industrialization in Development Programs, AER
- 1956, Resource Allocation for Economic Development, with Kenneth S. Kretschmer, Econometrica
- 1958, International Comparisons of the Structure of Production, with Tsunehiko Watanabe, Econometrica
- 1960, Interindustry Research in Economic Development, AER
- 1960, Patterns of Industrial Growth, AER
- 1961, Comparative Advantage and Development Policy, AER
- 1961, Capital-Labor Substitution and Economic Efficiency, with K.J. Arrow, B.S. Minhas and R.M. Solow, REStat
- 1966, Foreign Assistance and Economic Development, with A. Strout, AER
- 1966, Foreign Aid and Economic Development: The case of Greece, with I. Adelman, REStat
- 1975, A Structuralist Approach to Development Policy, AER
- 1975, Restructuring the World Economy, Foreign Affairs
- 1980, Interactions Between Industrialization and Exports, AER
- 1983, Interaction Between Theory and Obvervation, World Development


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