Gary S. Becker

Gary S. Becker

Born: 1930.


Gary Stanley Becker is an American economist.

Known for his work at the University of Chicago, he won The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 1992 for "having extended the domain of microeconomic analysis to a wide range of human behavior and interaction, including non-market behavior".

He was born in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

His work includes seminal articles on the economics of discrimination, crime, family, drugs, and social interaction.

Major Books of Gary S. Becker

- A Treatise on the Family, 1981
- Accounting for Tastes, 1998
- An Economic Analysis of Fertility, 1960, in Coale et al. Demographic and Economic Change in Developed Countries
- The Allocation of Time and Goods over the Life Cycle, with G. Ghez, 1974
- Economic Analysis and Human Behavior, 1987, in Green and Kagel, editors, Advances in Behavioral Economics
- The Economic Approach to Human Behavior, 1976
- Economic Theory, 1971
- The Economic Way of Looking at Behavior: The Nobel Lecture, 1996
- The Economics of Discrimination, 1971
- The Economics of Life, with Guity Nashat Becker, 1996
- Human Capital, 1964
- Human Capital and Personal Distribution of Income: An analytical approach, 1967
- Social Economics: Market Behavior in a Social Environment with Kevin M. Murphy, 2003
- Uncommon Sense: Economic Insights, from Marriage to Terrorism with Richard A. Posner, 2009
- Union Restrictions on Entry, 1959, in Bradley, editor, Public Stake in Union Power
- The Upside of Income Inequality with Kevin M. Murphy, 2007

Major Articles of Gary S. Becker

- 1952, Classical Monetary Theory: The outcome of the discussion, with W.J. Baumol, Economica
- 1957, A Statistical Illusion in Judging Keynesian Models, with Milton Friedman, JPE
- 1958, Competition and Democracy, JoLE
- 1962, Irrational Behavior and Economic Theory, JPE
- 1962, Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis, JPE
- 1965, The Theory of the Allocation of Time, EJ
- 1968, Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach, JPE
- 1972, Market Insurance, Self-Insurance and Self-Protection, with I. Ehrlich, JPE
- 1973, On the Interaction between the Quantity and Quality of Children, with H.G. Lewis, JPE
- 1973, On the New Theory of Consumer Behavior, with R.T. Michael, The Swedish JE
- 1973, 1974 A Theory of Marriage: Part I and II, JPE
- 1974, On the Relevance of the New Economics of the Family, AER
- 1974, A Theory of Social Interactions, JPE
- 1974, Law Enforcement, Malfeasance, and Compensation of Enforcers, with G.J. Stigler, JLS
- 1976, Altruism, Egoism and Genetic Fitness: Economics and Sociobiology, JEL
- 1976, Child Endowments and the Quantity and Quality of Children, with N. Tomes, JPE
- 1977, An Economic Analysis of Marital Instability, with E.M. Landes and R.T. Michael, JPE
- 1977, De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum, with G.J. Stigler, AER
- 1979, An Equilibrium Theory of the Distribution of Income and Intergenerational Mobility, with N. Tomes, JPE
- 1981, Altruism in the Family and Selfishness in the Marketplace, Economica
- 1983, A Theory of Competition Among Pressure Groups for Political Influence, QJE
- 1985, Human Capital, Effort, and Sexual Division of Labor, JoLE
- 1985, Public Policies, Pressure Groups and Deadweight Costs, JPubE
- 1986, Human Capital and the Rise and Fall of Families, with N. Tomes, JLaborE
- 1988, A Reformulation of the Economic Theory of Fertility, with R.J. Barro, QJE
- 1988, A Theory of Rational Addiction, with K. Murphy, JPE
- 1988, Family Economics and Macrobehavior, AER
- 1988, The Family and the State, with K. Murphy, JoLE
- 1989, Fertility Choice in a Model of Economic Growth, with R.J. Barro, Econometrica
- 1991, A Note on Restaurant Pricing and Other Examples of Social Influences on Price, JPE
- 1992, Habits, Addictions and Traditions, Kyklos
- 1992, The Division of Labor, Coordination Costs and Knowledge, with K.M. Murphy, QJE
- 1993, The Economic Way of Looking at Behavior, JPE
- 1997, The Endogenous Determination of Time Preference, with Casey B. Mulligan, QJE
- 2003, Deadweight Costs and the Size of Government, JoLE
- 2005, The Quantity and Quality of Life and the Evolution of World Inequality, with Tomas J. Philipson and Rodrigo R. Soares, AER
- 2007, Evolutionary Efficiency and Happiness, with Luis Rayo, JPE


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