Franco Modigliani

Franco Modigliani

Born: 1918. Died: 2003.


A student of Jacob Marschak's at the New School for Social Research, Franco Modigliani, in the model presented in his Ph.D. thesis (1944), was to provide the nucleus of the Neo-Keynesian Synthesis of post-war macroeconomics.

His further work went on to consolidate much of that research effort - whether in his life-cycle hypothesis for the consumption function (1953) or in the building of large macroeconometric models - such as his famous MPS model.

He also made several important contributions to theory of money and finance - notably, the fundamental Modigliani-Miller theory (1958) of corporate finance and the "Preferred Habitat" theory for the term structure of interest rates.

Modigliani was teaching at M.I.T. when he won the Nobel prize in 1985.

He died on September 25, 2003 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Major books of Franco Modigliani

- A Solution to the Social Security Reform, with M.L. Ceprini and A.S. Muralidhar, 2000
- Adventures of an Economist, 2001
- Capital Markets: Institutions and Instruments, with Frank J. Fabozzi, 1996
- The Debate over Stabilization Policies
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- Letter to Financial Times, with G. LaMalfa, 1998
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- Rethinking Pension Reform with Arun Muralidhar, 2005
- The Role of Anticipations and Plans in Economic Behavior and Their Use in Economic Analysis and Forecasting, 1961
- The Supply of Money and the Control of Nominal Income with L. Papademos, 1990, in Friedman and Hahn, editors, Handbook of Monetary Economics - intro
- Technological Innovation and Labour Policies, 1998, Nobels for the Future
- Utility Analysis and the Consumption Function: An interpretation of cross section data, with R. Brumberg, 1954, in Kurihara, editor, Post Keynesian Economics

Major articles of Franco Modigliani

- 1941, Review of Vinci's Analisi Economiche, AER
- 1941, Review of Vinci's I Concetti Statistici dell' Analisi Economica, AER
- 1944, Liquidity Preference and the Theory of Interest and Money, Econometrica
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- 1966, Debt Management and the Term Structure of Interest Rates: An Empirical Analysis of Recent Experience with Richard Sutch, JPE
- 1966, Dividend Policy, Growth, and the Valuation of Shares with Merton H. Miller, JB
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