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From the French word fauves, meaning 'wild beasts', this name refers to a small group of painters who in Paris exhibited works notable for the bold and expressive use of pure color. In this they were influenced by the arbitrary application of color for emotional effect by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh.

The most prominent Fauves were Henri Matisse and ANDRé DERAIN (1880-1954). Others included ALBERT MARQUET (1875-1947), HENRI CHARLES MANGUIN (1874-1949) and CHARLES CAMOIN (1879-1965), RAOUL DUFY (1877-1953), OTHON FRIESZ (1874-1949), Georges Braque, MAURICE VLAMINCK (1876-1958), JEAN PUY (1876-1960) and KEES van DONGEN (1877-1968).

Despite their enormous importance for later colorists and the expressionist movement, by 1909 most of the above had developed individual styles away from fauvism.

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