Eli F. Heckscher

Eli F. Heckscher

Born: 1879. Died: 1952.


Student of David Davidson at Uppsala and subsequently a docent under Cassel at Stockholm, Eli Heckscher nonetheless abandoned his mentors to blaze his own path in economic history and the history of economic thought.

Incomparably prolific, Eli Heckscher's bibliography boasts of over a thousand publications His most famous contribution to economics, his 1919 article which unveiled the "Hecksher-Ohlin-Samuelson" model of international trade to the world, was a single brilliant shot.

His major contributions was to present the world with magnificent (but often disputed) tomes on the economic history such as The Continental System (1918) and Mercantilism (1931).

Major Books of Eli F. Heckscher

- The Continental System: An economic interpretation, 1918
- An Economic History of Sweden, 1954
- Mercantilism, two volumes, 1931
- Monetary History from 1914 to 1925, 1930, in Bergenland and Heckscher, editors, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland in the World War

Major Articles of Eli F. Heckscher

- 1904, Ekonomisk historia: nagra antydningar, Hist Tidsk
- 1919, The Effect of Foreign Trade on the Distribution of Income, Ekon Tidsk
- 1932, The Place of Sweden in Modern Economic History, The Economic History Review
- 1939, Quantitative Measurement in Economic History , QJE
- 1950, Multilateralism, Baltic Trade, and the Mercantilists, The Economic History Review
- 1950, Swedish Population Trends before the Industrial Revolution, The Economic History Review


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