die brucke

Discipline: Art


A name (German for 'the Bridge') adopted by a group of artists in Dresden with links to the Munich group blaue reiter. Members included ERNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER (1880-1938), ERICH HECKEL (1883-1970), KARL SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF (1884-1976) and F BLEYL, joined in 1906 by MAX PECHSTEIN (1881-1951) and EMIL NOLDE (1867-1956).

Their art was analagous to that of the Fauves in France, based on nature rather than abstraction and using pure color and bold draughtsmanship. However, the German group was Expressionist, being more concerned with spontaneity and emotion. Their subjects were often crudely and harshly portrayed but with great impact, especially through the medium of woodcut.

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