David Easton

David Easton

Born: 1917.

American political scientist.

Major Books of David Easton

- A Framework for Political Analysis, 1965
- A Systems Analysis of Political Life, 1965
- The Analysis of Political Structure, 1990
- Children in the Political System, with J. Dennis, 1969
- The Development of Political Science: A Comparative Survey, with J. Gunnell, and L. Graziano, 1991
- Divided Knowledge: Across Disciplines, Across Cultures, with C. Schelling, 1991
- Oral History of David Easton: An Autobiographical Sketch, in editors, M.Jewell, M. Baer and L. Sigelman, The Development of a Discipline: Oral Histories in Political Science, 1991
- The Political System, Knopf, 1953, 1971
- Regime and Discipline: Democracy and the Development of Political Science, with J. Gunnell and M. Stein, 1995
- Varieties of Political Theory, editor, 1966


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