blaue reiter

Discipline: Art


Meaning 'The Blue Rider' (after an almanac of that title), this was the name of an artistic group in Munich headed by Russian artist WASSILY KANDINSKY (1866-1944), and Germans AUGUST MACKE (1887-1914) and FRANZ MARC (1880-1916) who broke away from other Expressionists in the Neue Kunstlervereinung.

The group had no precise artistic programme, although Kandinsky and Macke outlined their aims in the catalogue to the group's first exhibition as being the expression of the artist's feelings/desires in 'multiple fashion'. At further exhibitions the group encompassed French artist Robert Delaunay(1885-1941) and the Austrian composer ARNOLD SCHONBERG.

After Macke's and Marc's deaths in World War I the group disbanded.


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