Amedee Ozenfant

Amedee Ozenfant

Born: 1886. Died: 1966.


French painter, trained in his native Saint-Quentin and in Paris.

He became interested in Cubism but thought it confused and unstructured.

In 1917 he allied himself to Le Curbusier. They published the book After Cubism in 1918, launching Purism Which they further discussed and contex-tualised in the journal L'Esprit Nouveau, (1920-25), and summarized in La Peinture moderne.

During the later 20s, Ozenfant produced mural paintings and also the book L'Art (in English as Foundations of Modern Art, 1931).

During 1935-8 he lived in London and from 1938 in New York, founding art schools in both. His painting, previously exceptionally economical while also decorative, became much more prolix.


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