List of Countries in North America

Discipline: Political Science

Name - Capital

Anguilla - (Territory of the UK) The Valley

Antigua and Barbuda - St. John's

Aruba - (Constituent Country of the Netherlands) Oranjestad

Bahamas - Nassau

Barbados - Bridgetown

Bermuda - (Territory of the UK) Hamilton

Bonaire - (Part of the Netherlands) Kralendijk

British Virgin Islands - (Territory of the UK) Road Town

Canada - Ottawa

Cayman Islands - (Territory of the UK) George Town

Cuba - Havana

Curaçao - (Constituent Country of the Netherlands) Willemstad

Dominica - Roseau

Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo

Federal Dependencies of Venezuela - (Part of Venezuela) Los Roques

Guadeloupe - (Part of France) Basse-Terre

Greenland - (Constituent Country of Denmark) Nuuk

Grenada - St. George's

Haiti - Port-au-Prince

Jamaica - Kingston

Martinique - (Part of France) Fort-de-France

Mexico - Mexico City

Montserrat - (Territory of the UK) Plymouth

Puerto Rico - (US Commonwealth) San Juan

Saba - (Part of the Netherlands) The Bottom

Saint Barthélemy - (Overseas Collectivity of France) Gustavia

Saint Kitts and Nevis - Basseterre

Saint Lucia - Castries

Saint Martin - (Overseas Collectivity of France) Marigot

Saint Pierre and Miquelon - (Overseas Collectivity of France) Saint-Pierre

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - Kingstown

San Andrés and Providencia - (Part of Columbia) San Andrés

Sint Eustatius - (Part of the Netherlands) Oranjestad

Sint Maarten - (Constituent Country of the Netherlands) Philipsburg

Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain

Turks and Caicos Islands - (Territory of the UK) Cockburn Town

United States - Washington, D.C.

United States Virgin Islands - (Territory of the US) Charlotte Amalie


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